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Defumblr Smart Lock Screen


Defumblr is a smart lock screen that that puts the most useful information, resources and apps at your fingertips, without ever needing to unlock your phone! Powered by machine learning, Defumblr identifies what matters most and when, and it presents that information in customizable widgets with a password protected security lock option. With exciting and personalized configuration options you get complete control over the look and feel of your lock screen. See your most important IMs, emails and text messages in a unified messaging interface, access your top apps with a single swipe, and see your calendar, To-Do list, and much more right on your lock screen! Key Features:1) Defumblr highlights your important messages in a unified messaging interface2) Launch your most used apps with Quick App Launcher3) Sync the Lock screen Calendar and Alarm with your Android system.4) Organize critical to-do items right on your lock screen with a customized To-Do List widget5) Get glanceable forecasts with the Weather widget6) Organize all your important notifications and messages in one place7) Personalized configuration options including layout, color schemes and backgrounds8) Secure your phone with password or PIN protection9) Customize which apps to feature on your lock screen
As featured in Tech Crunch, Venture Beat, Inc., Adweek and, MIT Technology Review.
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